Police Watches – Modern Designs That Exude Charm

Watches are an essential accessory for both men and women. The right watch helps compliment an outfit while also providing a stylish timepiece with multiple functions. Police watches are widely considered a premium brand in the industry. The mixture of exquisite style with multiple functions gives them an edge over most of the competition.

Rock C Jewellers sells a range of Police watches for gents and ladies. This range includes exclusive limited edition items, a plethora of colours, and unique designs. Police watches are renowned for their durability, making them a brand you can trust.

A Mixture Of Eye-Catching Designs

The range of Police watches stocked by Rock C Jewellers features a mixture of eye-catching designs. In both the gents and ladies sections, you have oversized watches with large faces that are designed to stand out. They come with slim straps to accentuate the large circular face, and the oversized nature makes it easy to read the time and make use of the other features.

Alongside this, there are more petite and slender designs for smaller wrists. These Police watches feature smaller faces that sit on your wrist and provide a subtler effect. There’s everything in between as well, such is the diversity of Police watches.

While there may be a plethora of designs and styles, one thing remains constant throughout. Each Police watch is extremely contemporary and calls upon modern design elements to make it stand out from the crowd.

Top-Quality Materials

All of the watches are constructed out of the very best materials. The metal watches are made using stainless steel, which gives them a premium look and feel. By using stainless steel, this also makes the watches more durable and less likely to be prone to scratches or scrapes. It also adds a nice weight to the watch as well, making it feel nicer on your wrist and adding to the quality. When you hold one of the stainless steel watches along with a lesser quality one, you really notice the difference.

There are also plenty of watches featuring stainless steel faces and top-quality leather straps. These straps are built to be as comfortable as possible. There’s additional padding added to them, which makes them feel nice and cosy on your wrist. The leather material can be adjusted for your wrist, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

The faces themselves feature sturdy and clear glass designs, making it easy for you to read the time. They’re made to be as scratchproof as possible, ensuring that you don’t end up with a shattered face after just a few days of wear. They shine beautifully when catching the light, adding a very stylish accessory to your wrist.

Quartz Watch Technology

The Police watch range calls upon quartz technology to offer precise timekeeping and excellent performance. As well as providing more accuracy than mechanical watches, the Police quartz watches also require less maintenance. This means you can enjoy your watch without worrying about cleaning it or oiling the springs. You get a watch that lasts a long time, and the only maintenance required is a simple battery change once in a while.

Packed Full Of Fine Details

Police is a fashion brand, and this is evident in the attention to detail each watch is given. When you study every watch in the Police range, you notice all the tiny details here and there. From colourful trims around the face of the watch to two-tone bezels – these intricate details really add to the overall design of each watch.

The clock faces also feature lots of fine detailing as well. Subtle colours are added to the numbers and hands, adding a contrast to the background colours. So much care and attention are given to the watch straps as well – particularly the leather ones. The stitching on the leather straps is perfectly executed; there’s not a single piece of thread out of place. Coloured stitching is also used to provide some extra style to the strap, making the entire watch come together perfectly.

Water Resistant Police Watches

Some of the watches in the Police range are water resistant and can be worn while swimming or showering. They offer different levels of water resistance depending on the specific product. We stock items that can be water resistant up to 50M. As such, these can be worn in the ocean or even while scuba diving down to this level.

Classic Watches & Chronograph Watches

Police watches are modern in their design, but you can still get your hands on some classic-style items. These watches provide the traditional function of just telling you the time. If you want increased functionality, then there’s also a plethora of chronograph watches for sale as well.

Chronograph watches grant additional features to help you get more out of your watch. This includes the ability to see the date, view the time in 24-hour format, or even use your watch as a stopwatch.

Limited Edition Designs

There are so many different Police watches to choose from, including a few limited edition designs. These designs have been manufactured for special occasions or to commemorate certain events. As a result, they have a rarity factor to them that makes them extra special. If you purchase one of these, then you know you’re one of only a handful of people who have the specific design.

At Rock C Jewellers, we stock a limited edition Justice League watch that was created to celebrate the released of the Justice League film. It features a truly unique design, 50m water resistance, and the Justice League logo in one of the sub-faces. You also receive a certificate of authenticity with the limited edition watch.

Police Watches Available At Rock C Jewellers

If you’re looking for top-quality Police watches, then we stock the full range on Rock C Jewellers. To learn more about these watches – or to see all the different designs and styles – then feel free to check out our site today. Orders can be placed via the website, and we currently offer exceptional discounts to help you save money.

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